Roman Villa Rustica on Saturday, August 19

Dear Members and Guests,

Please join us on Saturday, August 19, 2023, for a guided tour of the Roman Villa and Open Air Museum at Hechingen-Stein, located near Hechingen, south of Tübingen.

Source:, by permission Source: Private Photo, Scott Beard, by permission

The Roman Villa Rustica at Hechingen-Stein was one of over 1500 Roman country estates in what is now Württemberg. It was built around 100 A.D. and abandoned after 260 A.D., as the Germanic tribes overran the Roman territories in this area. It was a very large estate and may have been a country estate of a rich Roman or an administrative center for the surrounding area. The adjacent Temple area on the southwest side of the estate is unique to Roman settlements north of the Alps. The area has been extensively excavated including a Roman bath and several outlying buildings. A part of the main villa has also been fully reconstructed to show what life in a Roman provincial villa might have looked like. Original archaeological finds from the site are also displayed in the main building.

(Directions to Hechingen-Stein >>)

MEETING TIME: 13:30 at the Ticket Office (Eingang/Kasse) to the left of the main Villa building (see photo above).

German and English guided tours: 14:00-15:30 (tours run simultaneously).

Cost: 10 € Members, 15 € Non-Members – To be collected in cash on site.

After the tours you can relax on the terrace next to the ticket office with a great view of the Hohenzollern castle. They offer drinks of all kinds, coffee, pastries (Kuchen) and Grillwurst. You are also free to take another look inside the main building or look at other exhibits on the extensive grounds of the estate.

Please Note: Due to the location we will do our socializing at the Café on the terrace of the estate. We will not drive elsewhere for a follow-on dinner.

Come join us for a fascinating journey back in time as we explore an important period in Württemberg history at a beautiful location in the countryside near Haigerloch and Hechingen, south of Tübingen.

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Navigation Address: Eichwäldle 1, 72379 Hechingen-Stein

This is strictly a U-Drive by car, as public transportation is difficult and time-consuming. Car sharing is encouraged. If you need help let us know and we will see if we can work it out.

The easiest route is to take B27 south from Stuttgart. Driving time from the Junction of Autobahn 8 and B27 (Echterdinger Ei) is about 45 minutes. Continue on B27 past Tübingen to the exit Hechingen-Nord. Exit there to the right, and at the traffic circle take the third right on L410 towards Stein. You will see a brown sign for the RÖMISCHES FREILICHTMUSEUM. Follow these signs to the site. Drive approximately 3 kilometers on L410 until you see the sign at the entrance to the village Stein. Turn left on the Römerstrasse, and then immediately right onto Eichwäldle. Follow the road about 200 meters to the gravel parking area on the left. Park there and walk along the road uphill and to the right about 300 meters until you see the Villa site. Go through the opening in the wall and follow the sign “Eingang/Kasse” to the ticket office. We will meet there.

You can also take Autobahn A81 south to the exit Empfingen. Turn left on L463 to Haigerloch. At Haigerloch turn left on L360 and then right on L410 (Hechingerstrasse) towards Rangendingen and Hechingen. Follow L410 to the entrance to the village Stein. Turn right there on the Römerstrasse and left immediately onto Eichwäldle and continue to the parking lot.

Source: Open Street Maps

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