Upcoming events

Saturday, 15 AprilNatural History Museum am Loewentor, Stuttgart
Sunday, 23 April Cannstatter Spring Fest, Goeckelesmaier Tent
Saturday, 20 May Killesberg Park Walk, Stuttgart
Sunday, 11 June Kelley Theater, „Once Upon a Mattress“ Matinee
Saturday, 15 July Hohenstaufen Castle near Göppingen with an Oldtimer Bus
Saturday, 19 August Stuttgart Water Reservoir Tour
September, 21-24 Dresden 75th Anniversary Weekend Trip
Saturday, 7 October Cannstatter Wasen (Fall Fest)
Saturday, 14 October 75th Anniversary Dinner, Wuerttemberg Automobile Club
Saturday, 18 November Keltermuseum and Wine Tasting, Unterjesingen by Tübingen
Saturday, 2 December Annual Christmas Party, Alte Kanzlei Restaurant, Stuttgart
Please note: Events and dates subject to change ! If you would like more information on any of these events, or would like to sign up in advance, please talk to any board member. They will put you in contact with the person planning the event.

Walking Tour through Esslingen on Saturday, May 21

Dear Members and Guests:

On Saturday,May 21, we offer guided historical walking tours through old Esslingen focusing on Life in the Middle Ages. In the 13th Century, Esslingen was a booming town which simultaneously built 4 large churches, the town wall, the Neckar bridges and many beautiful half-timbered houses. Those at the top of society had it good – patricians, wealthy merchants, goldsmiths, and the higher clergy. The majority of Esslingen inhabitants, however, were vineyard workers, craftsmen and manual laborers. Those at the bottom of the social scale had a very hard life. Our tours will take us by many of the historical landmarks in beautiful old town Esslingen, focusing on living conditions and the world of work in the Middle Ages.

We will do two tours, one in German and one in English. The tours will begin at 15:00 and last around 90 minutes.

Following the tours we will walk to the Restaurant Palmscher Bau, where we will enjoy a pleasant dinner in the warm atmosphere of the former city villa of rich Esslingen patricians.

Come and join us as we take a walk back in time to the Middle Ages!

Meeting time no later than 14:45 on the marketplace next to the tourist info center, on the north side of the Stadtkirche (church with two towers).

The tours will be on mostly level ground, with some small up and down, some cobblestones. We will be underway for almost two hours. Some conditioning necessary. Wear comfortable walking shoes.
This tour will be held, rain or shine. Dress accordingly.

Covid rules have been relaxed, but we do not know what rules will be in place at the end of May. We will let you know if any restrictions apply at that time.

Cost: For the guided tours we ask that members pay € 5 and non-members pay € 10.

Dinner beginning 17:00: We will dine in the Restaurant Palmscher Bau, Innere Brücke 2, Esslingen (0711 – 350 245). Dinner will be a la carte (individual payment on site). They offer traditional Swabian and classic German/International cuisine, along with very nice Esslingen and other local wines. To see the menu go to www.palmscher-bau.de. While enjoying dinner we will also have time to engage in pleasant conversation while reflecting on the beautiful historic setting we have just experienced.

Please state with your reservation if you are joining us for dinner.


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