„Steiler Zucker“ Weinfest on Saturday, September 9

Dear Members and Guests,

We are very pleased to invite you to join us on Saturday, September 9, 2023 for a visit to a wine fest hosted by our friends of the wine cooperative “Steiler Zucker” in their private terraced vineyard on the Neckar River at Max-Eyth-See, Stuttgart-Mühlhausen.

Source: Christel Baumann – Cooperative’s Vineyard – Neckar River

The wine cooperative “Steiler Zucker” is a group of people who own and maintain two historic terraced vineyards along the Neckar River opposite of Max-Eyth-See in Stuttgart-Mühlhausen. The cooperative is a member of the w/w slow-food movement and their creed is Passion – Responsibility – Savoring (Genuss). They see it as their responsibility and it is their passion, to produce regional wines 100% sustainably and ecologically and at the same time cooperate with regional partners and groups that share the same creed.

At 15:00 we will be greeted with a round of their own produced Prosecco and a few words about their mission and vision. This is their first public wine fest after the CV break and will take place in their vineyard (pls see directions >>)

Start: 15:00 – with a Prosecco reception (courtesy of GAC1948) at our reserved tables.

Apart from the Prosecco served at the beginning of our visit, all other consumption (beverages and food) are on the individual. The food served is homemade, most of the wines served are made of their own grapes. Please bring cash, as the use of cards is unsure.

Best Regards,


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Directions to the Vineyard:

We recommend public transport (e.g. Stadtbahn U12 or U14 from Hauptbahnhof – en.vvs.de ); exit preferably at station “Wagrainäcker” (yellow and red marked) and follow the yellow-marked path through Max-Eyth-See Park, walk over the Bridge (Golden Gatele aka Max-Eyth-Steg), after the Bridge turn left, walk down a few meters and then turn right. The vineyard is right there (see red x). It is about a 1km easy walk from the Stadtbahnstation Wagrainäcker, if you follow the yellow marked trail through the Max-Eyth-See Park.

If you need to drive up to the location (e.g. for drop off), there are very few parking spaces along the Zaißerei Weingut. However, it will be a very busy time and most parking spaces are reserved for the vintners. There are frequent controls by the police. So if possible, please use public transport. Thank you

Source: Google Maps

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