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Saturday, 15 AprilNatural History Museum am Loewentor, Stuttgart
Sunday, 23 April Cannstatter Spring Fest, Goeckelesmaier Tent
Saturday, 20 May Killesberg Park Walk, Stuttgart
Sunday, 11 June Kelley Theater, „Once Upon a Mattress“ Matinee
Saturday, 15 July Hohenstaufen Castle near Göppingen with an Oldtimer Bus
Saturday, 19 August Stuttgart Water Reservoir Tour
September, 21-24 Dresden 75th Anniversary Weekend Trip
Saturday, 7 October Cannstatter Wasen (Fall Fest)
Saturday, 14 October 75th Anniversary Dinner, Wuerttemberg Automobile Club
Saturday, 18 November Keltermuseum and Wine Tasting, Unterjesingen by Tübingen
Saturday, 2 December Annual Christmas Party, Alte Kanzlei Restaurant, Stuttgart
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Bowling on Saturday, 15 January 2022

Dear Members and Guests,

Please join us on
Saturday, 15 January, 1400,
American-style bowling
The Dream Bowl,
(Goldberg S-Bahn Station)

After enduring yet another year of Covid restrictions, we are very much looking forward to cutting loose and having a great old time!!! (Covid rules permitting – of course). American indoor bowling involves throwing a bowling ball (underhanded) down a well-polished wooden lane and trying to knock 10 pins – set up in a triangular pattern – down: if the player knocks all 10 down on the first throw; that is a strike; if it takes a 2nd throw, that is a spare. Each player has 2 chances per frame; balls not knocked down, are counted against the player. That is pretty much it; more rules will be sent to those who sign up. We will break up into groups (max 7 players per lane) and then have 2 hours to rack up as many points as we can – with hopefully no gutter balls!!! For more info: Dream-Bowl | Dream-Bowl Böblingen (www.dreambowl.de)

Bowling shoes: Each person will be issued a pair of bowling shoes – it is important that each person knows his/her European shoe size – and remembers to bring socks.

Meet up time is 1330 inside the bowling alley – near the counter. After paying, we will get our shoes and then go over to our designated lanes, where there is a garderobe to put our street shoes and jackets in. Play will start at 1400 and end at 1600 when folks will turn in their shoes. Dinner will be at the upstairs Steakhouse any time after 1630, from their regular menu, which includes a couple of vegetarian / vegan options. Each person will be responsible for paying for their own meal.
Address: Leibnizstr. 18, 71032 Böblingen.

The Spar Paket includes the shoe rental; 1 drink p/person; and Nachos w/ Cheese and Salsa dip per lane. For members it is 20€ p/person; for non-members it is 25€ p/person.

Best Regards,

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