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Sunday, 23 April Cannstatter Spring Fest, Goeckelesmaier Tent
Saturday, 20 May Killesberg Park Walk, Stuttgart
Sunday, 11 June Kelley Theater, „Once Upon a Mattress“ Matinee
Saturday, 15 July Hohenstaufen Castle near Göppingen with an Oldtimer Bus
Saturday, 19 August Stuttgart Water Reservoir Tour
September, 21-24 Dresden 75th Anniversary Weekend Trip
Saturday, 7 October Cannstatter Wasen (Fall Fest)
Saturday, 14 October 75th Anniversary Dinner, Wuerttemberg Automobile Club
Saturday, 18 November Keltermuseum and Wine Tasting, Unterjesingen by Tübingen
Saturday, 2 December Annual Christmas Party, Alte Kanzlei Restaurant, Stuttgart
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Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History on Saturday, April 15

Dear Members and Guests,

On April 15th, we would like to invite you to join us in

The Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History

In the “Museum am Löwentor” we will discover paleontological exhibitions documenting the history of life on Earth.

The Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History follows in the tradition of the Natural History Collection founded in 1791, which was based on the Wuerttemberg Ducal Cabinet of Curiosities of 1600. The museum now possesses one of Europe’s most significant collections. We will travel in time through hundreds of millions of years viewing fascinating and unique fossils and realistic dioramas portraying life in prehistoric times. The exhibit also includes the highly acclaimed Bernstein (Amber) Cabinet, revealing the world of small prehistoric creatures, amazingly preserved.

This is a nice program for the entire family! Come enjoy it with us.

Date: Saturday, April 15, 2023

Meeting location/Tour Start location: Entrance to Museum

Meeting time: 13:45 hours, sharp

Guided Tours Start Time: 14.00 English tour / 15.00 German tour.

The tours will last one hour. As the same guide will do both tours, they start one hour apart. Those on the English tour have time to view the exhibits on your own after the tour. Those on the German tour have time to see the exhibits before your tour starts.

You can also relax in the Café Fossil in the museum.

Cost per person (covers entrance and tours): Members 10 €, Non-Members 15 €.

Children under 18 are free.

Supper: starting 16:00 hours at the Café Fossil in the museum, à la carte. They have cakes and pastries, as well as soups, salads, hamburgers, pasta and various other light dishes. We will have reserved tables in the Café for our meal.

For directions please see >>

Please make your reservation, with meal choice, no later than Monday, 10 April with:

Scott Beard: e-mail s.beard@gac1948.de – or –

Kris Shapar: e-mail k.shapar@gac1948.de

Best Regards,



Please use public transportation, as there is only very limited parking near the museum.

Public Transport: S-Bahn S4, S5, S6: Station „Nordbahnhof“, U-Bahn U12: Station „Nordbahnhof“, U-Bahn U13,16: Station Löwentor.

The museum is an easy walking distance from the S- and U-Bahn stops.

Current schedules: www.vvs.de

By car: Very few spaces: in Ehmanstraße (navi address: 70191 Stuttgart,
Ehmannstraße – Kreuzung – Nordbahnhofstraße


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