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Sat/Sun, 13/14 Aug, 2016 Cologne - Dome, Chocolate Museum and Old Town w/dinner at a Koelsch brewery
 - train ride with overnight stay - members only - fully booked
Saturday, 17 Sept, 2016 tbd
Saturday, 01 Oct, 2016 Volksfest - Cannstatter Wasen
Saturday, 15 Oct, 2016 GDR museum, Pforzheim
Saturday, 12 Nov, 2016 Wine tasting
Saturday, 3 Dec, 2016 Christmas Dinner
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Ancient fortress and prison Hohenasperg on Saturday, 16 July, 2016

Dear Members and Guests,

Please join us for an outing to the ancient fortress and prison Hohenasperg on Saturday, 16 July, 2016. Sitting atop a hill above the town of Asperg just west of Ludwigsburg, the fortress was the site of Stone, Bronze and Iron Age villages, the citadel of the famous Celtic Prince of Hochdorf, and since the early 14th century a Württemberg fortress and prison. Even today the site houses the Württemberg prison hospital. Over the centuries many famous people have been imprisoned there, and we will get to know many of them through our tour of the prison museum on the site. From atop of the fortress wall we will also enjoy a fantastic 360 panorama of the entire area north of Stuttgart. Afterwards we will dine together in the "Schubart Stube" restaurant, housed in the fortification entrance tower. You won't want to miss it!

Source: Haus der Geschichte BW- www.hdgbw.de/austellungen/hohenasperg

We will meet at 14:30 sharp on the bridge over the moat at the entrance tower (upper right in the above photo, right by the parking lot- see directions on the back page).
There will be two tours (limited to 25 persons each) through the prison museum on the other side of the fortress (bottom center in above picture). The German tour will begin at 15.00. The German tour with English translation will begin at 15.30. Both tours last about an hour. Cost for the museum and tours: members free, guests: € 5.00.
Directions to Hohenasperg >>

After the museum tours we will enjoy the view as we walk back around the outer wall to the entrance tower, where we will enjoy our dinner together in the Schubart Stube, beginning around 16:30. Dinner choices must be made from the attached limited menu >>. Choose what item or items you desire and make this order with your reservation.
Spaces is limited, first come first serve. Please register by Monday, 11 July at the latest with:

Scott Beard: Tel. 07181-46594, email:s.beard@gac1948.de - or -
Ron Joslin: Tel. 0711-421-174, email: r.joslin@gac1948.de


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