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Saturday, 5 October Cannstatter Volksfest, Grandl's Tent
Saturday, 19 OctoberBoxenstop Museum and City Tour of Tübingen
Saturday, 16 NovemberWinetasting
Saturday, 7 DecemberChristmas Party, Alte Kanzlei, Stuttgart
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Saturday, 14 September - St. Michael's Church, Winterbach

Dear Members and Guests,

Please join us on 14 September, 14:45, for a tour of St. Michael's Church , a fortified 710-year-old village church in Winterbach, Remstal

We will meet at 14:45 on the square on the street side of the Winterbach train station, next to the ice cream stand (Bahnhofsplatz). The tour will start at 15:00.
Afterwards we will enjoy a dinner together at the nearby Restaurant Krone.
Please see the directions and map.

Winterbach is Scott Beard's hometown, and he would like to show it to you! Winterbach lies in the middle of the lovely Remstal (Rems river valley), and in the early middle ages was an important possession of the Salier Dynasty - Holy Roman Emperors in the 11th century. St. Michael's Church was built in 1309, and still contains original wall fresco paintings from that period. It stands on the site of one of the first churches built in the Remstal (around 600 AD) and is at least the third church on the site. We will learn why it is named St. Michael's, why it stands on this site, and why it possesses historical importance beyond what one might expect from a village church. Scott Beard will lead the tour through every nook and cranny of the church, including the attic and bell tower. We will also take a look at the lovely and historic Winterbach Market Square with its half-timbered buildings and fountain.
The tour is free, and will be conducted in English. It will last approx. two hours. You won't want to miss this event! [Photo Scott Beard, by permission]

Afterwards we will walk across the street to the Gasthaus Krone for a nice dinner together.
Please look at the attached Menu. With your reservation you must specify what you would like to order from this Menu! Then note what you ordered and remember it! No advance payment necessary. Payment on site following the meal.