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Saturday, 5 October Cannstatter Volksfest, Grandl's Tent
Saturday, 19 OctoberBoxenstop Museum and City Tour of Tübingen
Saturday, 16 NovemberWinetasting
Saturday, 7 DecemberChristmas Party, Alte Kanzlei, Stuttgart
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Sunday 11 August 2019 - Brazilian Restaurant in Tamm

Dear Members and Guests,

Please join us on Sunday, 11 August, 13:30, for Lunch at Grillhaus RomaRio, a Brazilian Restaurant in Tamm

The RomaRio in Tamm brings you the specialty Churrasco from Brazil.

A churrascaria is a traditional restaurant from southern Brazil, where there is mainly grilled meat (churrasco). In Germany, these restaurants are usually called a "Rodizio restaurant". Here in the RomaRio Tamm there are delicious meat skewers, savory flavored with the old Gaucho recipe, which are in the eternal cycle from the fire to the table and back.

All side dishes are of course freshly prepared daily at the buffet. The roasted meat is then served on the spit directly at the table. One of the grill masters cuts off the desired number of meat slices from the spit for you at the table. At regular intervals, you will receive so many different types of meat. (Text taken from the RomaRio website)

This will be a chance for us to get together to eat, drink and be merry. While they do offer lots of meat (beef, pork, chicken, turkey and lamb), the buffet (which is fantastic) is mainly vegetarian - so there should be something for everyone!

Meet up time is 13:30, Address: Im Länderrain 3, 71732 Tamm, one floor up.
To check out the menu and prices, go to https://grillhaus-romario.de/tamm/speisekarte/. Each person will be responsible for paying for their own meal.