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Saturday, 17 Nov, 2018 Besenwirtschaft in Plieningen
Saturday, 8 Dec, 2018 Christmas Party, Alte Kanzlei, Stuttgart
Sunday, 16 Dec, 2018Matinee: "A Christmas Carol" at the Kelley Theatre
Saturday, 12 Jan, 2019 Visit to a Brezel Museum
Saturday, tbd Feb, 2019 Saturday Matinee Movie, Old Moviehouse, Kusterdingen near Tübingen
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Guided walk through old Esslingen on Saturday, 27 October 2018

Dear members and guests,

On Saturday, October 27, we offer a guided walk through old Esslingen focusing on the 13th Century, when Esslingen was a booming town which simultaneously built 4 large churches, the town wall, the Neckar bridges and many beautiful half-timbered houses, including the oldest half-timbered houses in Germany. We will take a leisurely stroll through Esslingen and learn about all these landmarks. A real highlight is the "Altes Rathaus", a beautiful half-timbered building with a Renaissance facade containing a fabulous astronomical clock. Meeting time 14.45 pm on the marketplace next to the tourist info center, on the north side of the Stadtkirche (church with two towers). The tour will be in English and last about two hours. The tour will end around 17.00 pm at the Weinkeller Einhorn, Heugasse 17, (Tel:0711-353590) where we will enjoy a light meal and local Esslingen wines. Come and join us!

Source: www.americandays.org

Source: www.esslingen-bilderbuch.de/kirchen-in-esslingen

This program is one of the American Days events sponsored by the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Zentrum (DAZ)

Cost: The guided tour through Esslingen is free. We will dine in the "Backstube" of the Weinkeller Einhorn, a half-timbered building dating from the Renaissance. Dinner will be a la carte (individual payment). They offer salads, light Swabian food and main courses from 10-20 €, along with very good house wines (and of course, other wines and beverages). While enjoying dinner we will also have time to see old friends, make new ones, and engage in pleasant conversation while reflecting on the beautiful historic setting we have just experienced.
Please state with your reservation if you are joining us for dinner.

Best regards,