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Saturday, 23 Sept, 2017 Cannstatter Volksfest - Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt
Saturday, 21 Oct, 2017 Hohenheim Castle and Garden tour
Saturday, 18 Nov, 2017 Natural History "Museum am Löwentor" - Stuttgart
Saturday, 2 Dec, 2017 Christmas Dinner Party - Alte Kanzlei, Stuttgart
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Saturday, 20 Jan, 2018 Art Museum - Stuttgart
Saturday, 24 Feb, 2018 Classical Concert - Liederhalle Stuttgart
Sunday, 04 Mar, 2018 Matinee - Kelley Theatre - Stuttgart-Möhringen
Saturday, 17 Mar, 2018 Annual Membership Meeting
Saturday, 21 Apr, 2018 Spring Fest - Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt
Labor Day Weekend 70th Anniversary - Trip to Hamburg - Members only !
Saturday, 29 Sept, 2018 Cannstatter Volksfest - Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt
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Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Garden on Saturday, 9 September 2017

Dear Members and Guests,

In September we'd like to take you on a tour of the "Wilhelma" in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt, the only combined zoological and botanical garden in Germany.

Source: Wilhelma Stuttgart

Today's Wilhelma Park belongs to the historical heritage of Baden-Württemberg. Originally planned as private gardens, the park, with buildings in the Moorish style, was intended to serve the Swabian king, King Wilhelm I, as living quarters and also to be used for representative purposes. In those times, in the middle of the 19th century, Moorish architecture had come into fashion amongst the royal families of Europe.
The planning started in 1829, the construction of the first building began in 1842 and in 1864, the historical Wilhelma was finished. From 1880 on, Wilhelma was no longer used exclusively as private gardens by the royal family. With a special admission ticket everybody was allowed to visit the park. The park has undergone a transition from being the purely private retreat of a king to become the zoological and botanical gardens of Stuttgart, with more than 2.1 million visitors a year.
Source: http://www.wilhelma.de/en/wilhelma-park-and-history.html

Date: Saturday, September 9, 2017
Meeting time: 14:00
Meeting location: At the main entrance by the octagonal building
Tours Start Time: 14:30 - two English tours.
Location for tours start: inside Wilhelma at the meeting point for guided tours (in front of the winter garden) - please stay with the group.
Cost per person (includes entrance fee, tour, tips, and a 10 € down payment for dinner reservation), we kindly ask for your upfront payment: 20 € members, 25 € non-members, 15 € for children 6-17yrs.Please let us know with your reservation if you will join us for dinner. If bringing children, please also include how many and their ages. The 10 € down payment will be reimbursed at the restaurant. If you are not joining us for dinner, the 10 € reservation fee will be deducted from the above amounts. Upon registration you will receive payment instructions, including the amount you'll have to pay.
Please note: There will be no refunds for no-shows.
Dinner: starting 17:00 at the Restaurant "Weinstube am Stadtgraben" - we'll chose from a small a la carte menu. Vegetarian options are available.

Best regards,