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! Sunday !, 22 February, 2015 Kelley Theater Production, Kelley Barracks, S-Möhringen
Saturday, 28 March, 2015 Exhibition ,Stuttgart's Origins, under the "Altes Schloss" Stuttgart
combined with our Membership Assembly in the "Alte Kanzlei" restaurant

Haus der Geschichte
on Saturday, 24 January 2015

Dear members and friends,

Please join us on Saturday, January 24, 1600 for an impressive visit of the famous exhibition

World War I and the Senses - Carnival of Hell - Haus der Geschichte

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The German poet and writer, Ernst Juenger, himself suffering as a soldier in WW I, wrote in 1916 "UM 10 UHR BERUHIGTE SICH DIESE FASTNACHT DER HÖLLE ALLMÄHLICH UND GING IN EIN RUHIGES TROMMELFEUER ÜBER, IN DEM MAN ALLERDINGS DEN EINZELNEN ABSCHUSS AUCH NOCH NICHT WAHRNEHMEN KONNTE." (At 10am, this carnival of hell eased down a little bit, and turned into a calm barrage, where it still wasn't possible to distinguish the single shots).

WW I was a tremendous inferno for all the senses: Incredible noise, war gas crawling up ones nose, the smell of death everywhere, always wet and cold, and almost nothing to eat; incredible physical and psychological suffering for everyone.

Sound recordings, unusual objects, movie clips, and photos never shown before, are exhibited in huge glass display boxes. The original objects made it from the battle fields and the 'Heimat' through one century to this extraordinary exhibition. Via the so called "Pepper's Ghost" projection, a historical technique, quotations from that time seem to hover close to the displayed objects. In the exhibition, visitors can experience and truly feel these impressions at the different stations - e.g. the taste of military zwieback, the smell in the trenches, and the sound of barrage.

Entrance/tour cost for members will be subsidized by the club. Non-members please have 5 Euro cash handy, payable in the entrance hall of the museum (see map) to a member of the Board, who will hand out the entry tickets. English Tour @ 4pm, German Tour @ 4:30pm. Please note: We have a limit of 50 participants on a first-come-first-serve basis, members have priority.

After the guided tours, our Club has reserved a private room from 6pm in 'Carl's Brauhaus' at the Schlossplatz, Stauffenbergstr.1, about a 5 min walk from the exhibition. You have two dinner options: Roast Pork w/ beer sauce, Dumpling, Coleslaw or Veggie Tarte Flambée w/ garden salad; Euro 11,90. Please state your dinner choice with your reservation.