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Saturday, 27 September Cannstatter Volksfest, Stuttgart (see below >>)
Saturday, 25 October Stuttgart Ghost Walk, Downtown Stuttgart
Saturday, 15 November To be determined
Saturday, 6 December Christmas Party at the Alte Kanzlei in Stuttgart

Lorch Monastery and visit of the Medieval Market, 20 September 2014

Dear Members and Guests

We would like to invite you to join us on Saturday, September 20, 2014 for a visit to the Kloster Lorch and the Medieval Staufer Market. The Lorch monastery was founded by the German Emperors of the Staufer Dynasty (Hohenstaufen near Göppingen) in the 11th century, and was their initial burial place. We will have tours in German and English by guides in historical costume who will show us the monastery grounds, the church, the beautiful room-sized Staufer history panorama painting, and tell us about Princess Irene of Byzantium, who is buried in the church, and the best known Staufer Emperor, Friedrich II, known in the middle ages as the "Stupor Mundi"(wonder of the world). Following the tours, we will have time to visit the Staufer medieval market outside the the monastery grounds, with lots of activities for the whole family including jousting, a falconry, and medieval arts and crafts. Those who arrive early or on time at the meeting point will get a bonus presentation from Scott on why this spot was a very important point on the Limes, the boundary line of the Roman Empire. .

Meeting Time: 14.00, at the Staufer Stele (column) outside the monastery entrance.
Tours begin at 14.30 sharp,and go until 16.00.
Cost:Entrance € 5 for members, € 7 for guests, € 3.50 for children (children smaller than a sword length are free). We will collect the money at the meeting point. The tours are paid for by the club. If you arrive late at the stele, go to the ticket shop, buy your own Kloster entrance ticket, and join our tour group on the monastery grounds or in the church.

Following the tours we have until 17.30 to visit the Staufer market. At 17.30 we have reserved tables inside the monastery grounds for a light ā la carte dinner with festival fare. We need a firm dinner reservation with your event registration if you plan to join us.
Following dinner there will be more time to visit the Staufer market or monastery if you wish.



169. Cannstatter Volksfest on Saturday, September 27

Dear members and friends,

Please join us on Saturday, September 27 for a joyful visit and celebration at the

169. Cannstatter Volksfest - aka Cannstatt Beer Festival

© www.cannstatter-volksfest.de
© www.cannstatter-volksfest.de

Stuttgarters together with millions of guests celebrate one of the most beautiful and largest beer festivals and fairs in the world.

This festival has a long tradition: still today the 24 meter high and highly decorated fruit column (Fruchtsäule) on the festival grounds is a reminder that the young, beloved Wuerttemberg Queen Katharina with her husband, King Wilhelm I, gave this Fest to the people in 1818 at the end of a period of starvation.

Our Club reserved table number 35 in the "Dinkelacker" Tent. We meet at 17:30 o'clock at the fruit column, it is a popular meeting point in front of most of the tents.
The evening shift on a Saturday can become pretty crowded, outside and inside the tents. So please be on time. Entry to the tent is at 18:00, last beer is sold 23:30.

There is a mandatory consumption on the weekends of 3 beverages (1 liter of beer per voucher or any other beverage) and 1 meal per person (half chicken or any other food). Which totals to 32 € including a wrist band that allows you in and out of the tent. After registration and confirmation by Christel Baumann, we ask you to transfer the amount of 32 € to our Club's bank account, the money must have arrived by September 22, you'll receive the bank information after your registration. Your vouchers will be handed to you at the meeting point on September 27.

Important information - Please note: There is a mandatory minimum charge for the waiters: 60 cents per beverage and 70 cents per food order. This is their salary. Everything above the 60/70 cents is tip. So please support your waiters. If you do not use all your beer vouchers you can still use them another day at the Volksfest this year. We have 20 seats to sell, first come first serve, members have priority. No-shows will not be refunded. Please register until September 20 at the latest with