Upcoming Events

Saturday, 13 July, 2013 Tour of Haigerloch to include the Atomic Cellar
Sat/Sun 10-11 August, 2013 Bus trip to Bregenz, Austria to see Mozart's opera "Die Zauberflöte / The Magic Flute" (for members only)
Saturday, 07 Sept, 2013 New Stuttgart Library, downtown - near the Hauptbahnhof
Saturday, 28 Sept, 2013 Stuttgart Cannstatter Wasen/Volksfest
Saturday, 19 Oct, 2013 tba

Patch Barracks, Saturday 15 June 2013.

Dear Members and Guests,

Please join us for a historical presentation and Walking Tour of Patch Barracks, lead by Dan Fitzpatrick, Patch Historian, under the sponsorship of Liz Moore, Garrison Protocol Officer.

Photo from Google images
(Photo from Google images)
On Saturday, 15 June,
please be at the Patch Barracks Front Gate by 1430.
ID Card holders, please be at the Swabian no later than 1445

Patch Barracks is a US military installation in Stuttgart-Vaihingen that is named in honor of General Alexander M. Patch, who died on 21 November 1945. Before 1952, Patch was known as Kurmärker Kaserne and was originally built by the German Wehrmacht in 1936/37. During World War II, it served as headquarters and barracks for the Wehrmacht's 7th Panzer Regiment. After WWII, Kurmärker Kaserne was temporarily occupied by French colonial troops before American troops took over. The US 7th Army was headquartered here from 1950 until 1967 when it moved to Heidelberg and EUCOM was relocated to Patch from Camp-de-Loges near Paris, France. (Info from Wikipedia)

At 1500, up at the Swabian Events Center, there will be coffee, tea, water, cookies and brownies, while Dan gives us an overview (slide show) of the history of Patch Barracks before taking us for a walk around base, telling us about the buildings both past and present, as well as the mystery of the missing bison. This is an adventure not to be missed!

Following the walk, we will head back to the Swabian for dinner at 1700 at Manolito's. They are offering us a Mexican-themed buffet. Price per person will be $25 / € 20, not including drinks. Please state if you are staying for dinner with your reservation.

Non-ID Card holders will need to provide the following information: Full Name, Ausweis or Passport Number, date of birth, and license plate number (if driving). This information is necessary for access to Patch but will not be shared with anyone without a need to know.