Upcoming Events

Fri/Sat, 10-11 May , 2013 Annual Convention, Federation of German-American Clubs Stuttgart
Friday Evening Casual Dinner, Schönbuch Brauhaus, downtown Stuttgart
Saturday Evening Gala Dinner, Hotel Pullman Fontana, Stuttgart-Vaihingen - see details >>
Saturday, 13 July, 2013 Tour of Haigerloch to include the Atomic Cellar
Sat/Sun 10-11 August Bus trip to Bregenz, Austria to see Mozart's opera "Die Zauberflöte / The Magic Flute" (for members only)

Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest , Saturday 04 May, 2013.

Dear Members and Guests,

please join us on Saturday, May 4 for a joyful visit and celebration at the

75. Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest

© www.stuttgarter-fruehlingsfest.de
© www.stuttgarter-fruehlingsfest.de

The "Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest" is regarded to be the biggest spring fest in Europe. It was started 75 years ago to give fairground attraction owners and workers a good start into the season. It takes place at the same location as the Beer Festival in autumn and offers great entertainment and fun.

Tent: "Zum Wasenwirt"
Tables: in "Nische 4"
Meeting Time: 11:30 at the information booth
Reserved Time: 12:00 - 16:00p.m. We have to leave the tent at 16:00p.m. !!

There is a mandatory consumption for our reserved time slot of 1 beverage (1 liter of beer or any other beverage) and 1 meal per person (half chicken or any other food). Together with wrist band and shipping this totals to 20 € per person.
After registration with and confirmation by Christel Baumann, we ask you to transfer the amount of 20 € to our Club's bank account, you'll receive the bank information after your registration. The money must have arrived by April 29 !

Your vouchers for beverages and food incl. wrist band will be handed to you at the meeting point on May 4.
Please note: unlike in other tents, the service charge (salary) of the waiters is included in the vouchers. Tips are greatly appreciated.

We have to be in the tent at our tables by 12:00, else we will lose our reserved seats. The Tent is sold out on May 4.
So please be on time - information point 11:30.

We have 20 seats to sell, first come first serve, members have priority. There will be no refunds for No-shows.


66th annual Convention , Saturday 11 May, 2013.

Dear Members and Guests,

In celebration of our 65th anniversary year, we would like to invite you to join us for a

Gala Dinner
Saturday, May 11, 2013

Get together 19:00, Start 19:30
Hotel Pullman Stuttgart Fontana
Vollmoellerstrasse 5
70563 Stuttgart-Vaihingen

Cost: € 30, drinks extra
Dress: Business Suit / Evening attire

Donations are gladly accepted and can be made at the event or be sent to our event account, Konto-Nr. 1139248 - BW-Bank - BLZ 600 501 01. We highly appreciate your support (and so do the students).

We are proud to host the 66th annual Convention of the Verband der Deutsch-Amerikanischen Clubs, Federation of German-American Clubs here in Stuttgart this year. The VDAC is comprised of 34 German-American Clubs from all over Germany. Our club is a founding member of the Federation since 1947. The part of your club dues and our donations that go to the VDAC are used for the Student Exchange Program, Youth Program, the Gazette, awarding of the Lucas D. Clay Medal and promotion of German-American friendship and relations. The VDAC, like all the G-A clubs, is non-profit in nature and relies on the generous donations from the G-A Clubs, private persons and organizations.

For the Students and Youth, the VDAC Convention is a three-day event with many meetings and program points that are outside the realm of their normal studies. Your donations to them for this event are needed and are greatly appreciated.

We encourage you to attend this gala dinner event to have a chance to meet and talk with American and German students participating in the student exchange programs, those from the Youth program, the Presidents from other G-A Clubs and the members of the VDAC that are supporting these fine young people who undoubtedly are the future of German-American friendship and relations.

For their generous support, we wish to thank the "Robert Bosch Stiftung".

We are very much looking forward to personally greeting you and celebrating this auspicious event together.