Upcoming Events

Saturday, 04 May, 2013 Cannstatter Spring Fest (Wasen)
Fri/Sat, 10-11 May , 2013 Annual Convention, Federation of German-American Clubs Stuttgart
Friday Evening Casual Dinner, Schönbuch Brauhaus, downtown Stuttgart
Saturday Evening Gala Dinner, Hotel Pullman Fontana, Stuttgart-Vaihingen
Saturday, 13 July, 2013 Tour of Haigerloch to include the Atomic Cellar
Sat/Sun 10-11 August Bus trip to Bregenz, Austria to see Mozart's opera "Die Zauberflöte / The Magic Flute" (for members only)

Volkswandertage Cleebronn, Saturday 20 April, 2013.

Dear Members and Guests,

In April we will participate in Cleebronn's 38th Internationale Volkswandertage on Saturday 20 April 2013.
They are offering 6 and 12 km trails through the surrounding countryside and the vineyards of Michaelsberg on both Saturday (1200-1600) and Sunday (0700-1300).

fotothing.com /www.ochsen-cleebronn.de
(Photo on left from fotothing.com; photo on right from www.ochsen-cleebronn.de)

On Saturday, 20 April, arrive any time between 12:00 and 13:30
Turn- und Festhalle, Zeppelinstraße 11, 74389 Cleebronn

At the Start Halle look for a blue flag with a white boot (SGAWC).

Volksmarching is a sport designed for the whole family to enjoy. Trails are marked and folks walk them at their own pace. At this walk they are offering 2 trail lengths, 6 and 12 km, and you may choose which one to follow at the trail-split (Streckenteilung). If you do not walk on a routine basis, we would suggest that you only do the 6 km, which can take up to 2 hours to complete, especially when, as at Cleebronn, the trail begins going up an incline. Along the trail there are control points where one may stop and rest, buy something to eat/drink, have a free tea or broth, and get one's Start Card stamped (to receive credit).

Which brings us back to the Starthalle where the adventure begins: folks from the Stuttgart German American Wandering Club (SGAWC) will be there to help you buy your Start Card, with or without Medallion - which this year is a pen and pencil set (Schreibset) - and show you where to buy food, drink, cake, coffee, (all prices are very reasonable), books to track your participation (if interested), and where to find flyers (Werbers) for other upcoming walks.

The basic Start Card costs € 1.50 each; with Medallion, the cost is € 3.80 each.

Following the walk, around 16:15, we will leave the Starthalle and head to the Gasthof zum Ochsen for dinner - they are asking us to order our meals before 17:15 as they have a wedding party that same evening. They are offering us a small à la carte menu. Entrees start around € 7.00. Please state if you are staying for dinner with your reservation.