Events in September

Saturday, September 19, 2009
Country and Western Linedance Event

Saturday, September 26, 2009
Cannstatter Wasen, Volksfest

Upcoming Events

Saturday, October 17, 2009
The new Porsche Museum Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen

Saturday, November 14, 2009
Wine Tasting at the newly renovated Kelter in Rohracker

Saturday, December 5, 2009
Christmas Dinner

Country & Western Barbecue
on Saturday, September 19

Country & Western Barbecue with live band "Arizona Fire" and line dancing with the "Stampede Dancers"

Country & Western, September 19, 2099 Country & Western, September 19, 2099 Country & Western, September 19, 2099 Country & Western, September 19, 2099 Country & Western, September 19, 2099

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Dear members and friends,

please join us on Saturday, September 19 for our fourth

Country & Western Barbecue
with live band "Arizona Fire"
and line dancing with the"Stampede Dancers"

It takes place at the Gaststaette "Schaeferhunde im Zimmerschlag",
Im Zimmerschlag 8, 71032 Böblingen, phone: 07031-272867

Please see sketch and description on the printable version how to get there. Parking is available. Public transport from Boeblingen Hauptbahnhof: Schoenbuchbahn, trainstation: Zimmerschlag; busstop: Schoenaicher First. Children are welcome.

Start:14:00 - probable end: 20:00
Entrance fee:5€ adults from the age of 17, children up to 16 years are free
Food: Barbecue, salads, cakes and drinks are available at reasonable prices

Our line dancing friends will be happy to show you the dance moves, so we can all get up and join the dance. Again this is a great opportunity for Germans and Americans to get together for an American style party. Please also tell your friends and bring them along.

Please register until September 16 at the latest with:

Christel Baumann:phone 0711-7269644e-mail: cell: 0173-2006566 or
Ann Reed:phone 0711-601-9403e-mail: a.reed@gac1948.decell: 0175-579-7536

164. Cannstatter Volksfest
on Saturday, September 26

Dear Members and guests,

please join us for a joyful visit and celebration at the 164. Cannstatter Volksfest - aka Cannstatt Beer Festival

This festival has a long tradition: still today the 24 meter high and highly decorated fruit column (Fruchtsäule) on the festival grounds is a reminder that the young, beloved Wuerttemberg Queen Katharina with her husband, King Wilhelm I, gave this Fest to the people of the country in 1818 at the end of a period of starvation. Today Stuttgarters together with millions of guests celebrate one of the most beautiful and largest beer festivals and fairs in the world.

Our Club reserved table number 159 in the Dinkelacker Tent (Festzelt).
We meet at 13:30 o'clock at the above-mentioned fruit column, it is a popular meeting point in front of most of the tents, pls. see plan on reverse. Your event manager Christel Baumann will hand out your vouchers for beverages and food. There is a mandatory consumption on the weekends of 3 beverages (1 liter of beer per voucher or any other beverage) and 1 meal per person (half chicken or any other food). Which totals to 32 Euro including a wrist band that allows you in and out of the tent. Please have the amount of 32 Euros per person ready. Please also note that there is a mandatory minimum tip for the waiters: 55 cents per beer/beverages, 60 cents per food order. If you do not consume all your vouchers you can still use them at next year's Cannstatter Volksfest in autumn (not at the spring fest).

We have to be in the tent at our tables by 14:00, else we might lose our reserved seats.
So please be on time - fruit column 13:30.

How to get there: we highly recommend to use public transportation. Most convenient: take the S-Bahn to Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof and from there use the U11 until the terminal stop. You are right at the main entrance of the Fest and already see the meeting point "Fruchtsäule" and the main beer tents.

We have 20 seats to sell, first come first serve, members have priority.
No-shows have to pay full price.

Please register until September 22 at the latest with

Christel Baumann, phone 0173-2006566, e-mail: