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If you have any problems on the day of the event: Please call Ann Kathy at 0176 - 565 26572 or Christel at 0173 - 200 6566.


By car: Take A81 (Stuttgart-Heilbronn), exit at Pleidelsheim direction Marbach to Erdmannhausen. Or take B14 or B27. It is about 50 minutes from downtown Stuttgart.

By Public transportation: From the Hauptbahnhof take S4 direction Backnang and get off at Erdmannhausen - it is an 8 minute walk from the station to the museum.

Address for the Brezel Museum: Bad Strasse 8, 71729 Erdmannhausen - please note that the museum is a little hard to see from the street because it is tucked in behind a residential building. You'll know you're in the right place when you see the small playground with this large brown Brezel sculpture:

Source C.Baumann

Parking at the Brezel Museum: The museum is in a residential neighborhood with limited parking options. The museum itself has a parking lot with only 4 slots. If you park in the big lot at the train station (there is a meter), it is only an 8 minute walk to the museum.

Address for the GSV Vereinsgastätte Erdmannhausen: Herdweg 1, 71729 Erdmannhausen. By car it is just a few minutes from the museum. By foot it is a 30 minute walk. The restaurant has a good-sized parking lot.