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S-Bahn: S1, from Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof at 13:40, arriving Esslingen Bahnhof 13:57, or S1 from Stuttgart at 13:55, arriving Esslingen 14:12. It is a 10-minute walk to the Marktplatz

By car: B 10, exit Esslingen Stadtmitte. After crossing the long bridge, proceed to the traffic light at Kiesstrasse/Maillestrasse, and then turn left on Maillestrasse and then right into the Park Garage Kueferstrasse/Altstadt. Or, turn right on Maillestrasse, right on Ulmer/Neckarstrasse, to the Park Garage Pliensauturm. Other parking in the Park Garage at the Bahnhof (entrance from Martinstrasse) or the Park Garage Marktplatz (entrance from the Agnespromenade).

If you have trouble on the day of the event call Scott at home up until 13:00, and after 13:00 on his cell phone: 0170- 803 1770.

Explanations plan below:
- Meeting Point Marktplatz: upper middle section #2
- Restaurant Weinkeller Einhorn, Heugasse 17: right of #25, between #40 and #43 - you'll be guided there.
- Bahnhof: DB and S signs lower left bottom
- Parking: pls. see the P signs below
- Details can be found here: