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Navigation Setting- 75433 Maulbronn, Friedhofweg 1

By car: From Stuttgart take B10 direction Vaihingen-Enz. Drive past Vaihingen-Enz and where B10 and B35 split take B35 direction Bruchsal. Turn right towards Maulbronn (brown Kloster sign) and drive into Maulbronn on the Stuttgarter Str. Drive past the Monastery (do not drive into the Monastery courtyard - you cannot park there!) and turn right and downhill in the Friedhofweg. (Blue "P Kloster" sign). There are several available free parking lots. Walk back to the Monastery entrance and go into the courtyard. We will meet at 14:00 at the "i-Punkt" (red sign with "i") in the courtyard.
You can also take A 8 to Pforzheim Ost or Nord and follow your Navi to Maulbronn (you will come into town from the other direction).

By Public Transportation: From Stuttgart main station take the RE 19506 Regional Express to Heidelberg, leaving Stuttgart 12:19 from Track 6. Get off at Mühlacker Bahnhof at 12:59. Walk (3 min.) to the Mühlacker Busbahnhof- Bahnsteig 2. Take the Regional Bus # 700, departing Mühlacker 13:04 direction Bretten. Arrive Maulbronn Kloster Bus Stop at 13:22. Walk from there (5 min.) into the Kloster courtyard. You will have a little time to look around before we meet at 14:00.

If you have trouble on the day of the event, call Scott Beard at home (07181-46594) until 12:00. After 12:00 call Scott by cell phone (0170-80 31 770).

Source:Open Street Maps