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Useful Information:

Use of public transportation is best and easiest! If you drive, you can park in Stuttgart and take the streetcar from Wilhelma back downtown afterwards, or park in Bad Cannstatt, take the S-Bahn to the Hauptbahnhof, and then afterwards take the Streetcar or walk across the Neckar back to Bad Cannstatt.

Please be on time, 09.15 at the Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof S-Bahn station, Track 102. We will organize S-Bahn Tickets, Stuttgart-Marbach, for the group and have them on hand. We will lunch a la carte at a beer garden restaurant on the riverside in Marbach- pay as you go food and drinks. The cruise back to Stuttgart takes three hours because the ship makes several stops. Refreshments are available on the ship and we will have plenty of time to chat together, get to know each other and make new friends. That's what our club is all about! We will get off the ship right by the Wilhelma Streetcar Stop where we go our separate ways.

Very important for your safety!
In the old city there is also old cobblestone. Please do not wear shoes with elevated heels or smooth soles! Comfortable walking shoes are in order.
Marbach is located on the slopes above the Neckar. We will definitely do some up and downhill walking.
If you have trouble on the day of the event, call Scott's cell phone: 0170 - 80 31 770.

Source:Stadt Marbach am Neckar