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Our umbrella organization

Verband der Deutsch-Amerikanischen Clubs e.V. (VDAC)
Federation of German-American Clubs e.V.
The association has over 34 independent member clubs. These clubs offer members and friends numerous events and activities, e.g. literature and language workshops, theater clubs and hiking groups, to name only a few. The social and cultural work of the honorary members of the individual clubs serve to promote the goals of the association.

VDAC Clubs Stuttgart

German-American Club 1948 Stuttgart
President: Scott Beard
Feinbauweg 9
73650 Winterbach
(07181) 46 59 4

German American Women's Club Stuttgart e.V.

Other clubs und organizations in Stuttgart

Deutsch Amerikanisches Zentrum (DAZ)
James F. Byrnes Institut e.V.
There you will meet interesting people, you can participate in informative events or just come by and have a look at their library.
Charlottenplatz 17
70173 Stuttgart
(0711) 22 81 80

Stuttgart German American Wandering Club
The SGAWC supports the popular sport of wandering and provides related social activities to its members

President: Ann Kathrin Reed
CMR 480 Box 14
APO AE 09128
Home: 0711-601-9403
Cell: 0175-579-7536
e-mail: or

Vice-President: Andreas Cramer von Clausbruch
CMR 480 Box 302
APO AE 09128
Home: 07150-389-563
Cell: 0152-220-45-399
e-mail: or

International Women's Club Stuttgart e.V.
Founded in April 2005 , the International Women's Club Stuttgart e.V. is a club for women of all nationalities and ages in the Stuttgart and Baden-Württemberg region.
Thomas Mann strasse 52
70469 Stuttgart

German-American Seniors Club
The members are mostly women who lived many years in the US and have now returned to Germany. The average age of the members is over 70.
President: Hildegard Göhrum
Fleckenweinberg 16
70192 Stuttgart
(0711) 81 88 85

American-German Business Club Stuttgart
The AGBC Stuttgart offers dinner events almost every month. At these events, speakers from the U.S.-German business community give advice on US-German and global business issues.
President: Nicolaus Susta

Metropolitan Club Stuttgart e.V.
Postfach 10 32 03
70028 Stuttgart
(0711) 835 09 79

Stuttgart Conversation Club
The goal of the club is to cultivate the English language and to promote German-American relations. Anyone who is interested may participate, whereby the age of aspiring members should be 35 and above.
Ed Wilson
Kaiserslauterer Str. 58
70499 Stuttgart
(0711) 889 2252,

Some interesting addresses


Providing award-winning entertainment for the Stuttgart community for 25 years
Box Office is located in the Stuttgart Entertainment Branch, Bldg. 3320 on Kelley Barracks.
Plieninger Strasse
70567 Stuttgart
(0711) 729 2825

NEAT - New English American Theatre
... from the beginning, it has been the aim of NEAT to provide theatre goers with uncompromising presentations of original version English language theatre as it may be experienced in the countries of its origin ...
Sophie Marie Kränzle - kkt stuttgart e.V.
Kissinger Str. 66a
70372 Stuttgart
(0711) 56 30 34

Kommunales Kontakt Theater
Plays in German and sometimes in English
Kissinger Strasse 66a
70372 Stuttgart
(0711) 56 30 34


Corso Kino
Corso Cinema International has been playing English language films (sometimes with English or German subtitles) since 1984, and thus established as the principal cinema for movies in their original version for more than 20 years.
Hauptstraße 6
70563 Stuttgart-Vaihingen


Stadtbücherei Stuttgart
Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 2
70173 Stuttgart

Tom's Bookstore
open saturdays 10a.m.-14p.m. - used english books and comics - 1 € each
Rembrandtstr. 188 (?)
70597 Stuttgart-Sonnenberg

Oxfam-Buchshop Stuttgart
used books - some of them in english
Marienstraße 36a
70178 Stuttgart
Tel: 0711-263 5551
Fax: 0711-263 5552

Stuttgart Book Club
The Stuttgart Book Club is an informal reading group in Stuttgart that meets once a month to discuss books in English.
Forum Theater Café
Gymnasiumstr. 21,
70174 Stuttgart (S-Bahn Stadtmitte)

Piccadilly English Shop
English food, videos and books
Schellingstr. 11
70174 Stuttgart


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